Swim Ponds

Here are some facts about swim ponds or (NSP’s) as they are called.  Natural swim ponds do not rely on a wide range of chemicals.

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We can also compliment your swim pond with our other landscape services to increase your home's value!

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Pool Removal

Of course, if you need to eliminate a pool or move it to a new part of your property, we can fill in the old pool.

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Swim Ponds are just AWESOME!

So you were thinking about getting an inground pool and landscape work for your backyard paradise.  There is nothing wrong with having thoughts of a pool, but have you considered looking into a swim pond?  Inground pools are great, but swim ponds are awesome!

The one thing I have found over the years, when I demolish inground pools all over the GTA is that families get tired and bored of maintaining them, replacing liners, replacing heaters and pumps plus the cost of hydro and gas to heat your pool.

It seems the novelty just wears off over time.  We can even convert your inground pool into a swim pond!

Swim ponds are very tranquil and connect you to nature and wildlife right in your own backyard.  They’re peaceful and everyone can truly enjoy this experience that no inground pool can match!

Swim ponds are definitely something you may want to consider for sure!  They have been popular in Germany and Austria since the 1980’s and have now made their way over the North America.

These ponds are chlorine free, require very little maintenance during the season, even the start up and shutdown of a pond is very different than that of a pool.

You can swim all summer long and skate on it during the winter months too! You will also save on heating and pool chemicals as well.

Once landscaped with rocks, plants and maybe even a waterfall, you now truly have a backyard paradise that will be the envy of family, friends and even your neighbours!

What I love most about a swim pond is no more long drives to the cottage, just open your patio door and you have your own paradise awaiting in your own back yard.

Another great feature of a swim pond is they can be any size or shape to suit even the smallest yards or the biggest of yards. We can even add Koi fish.   No two ponds are alike as every project is different and unique.

How about taking a paddle boat over to your mini island for a BBQ night?

At Bearcat Swim Ponds we can make your dreams a reality and a paradise your family can enjoy for decades!

Not only is it a great alternative to inground pools, it’s the right choice for year round enjoyment!

See why Canada's largest newspaper says owning a pool is less healthy for you.  One more reason a swimpond may be right for your family.  Click here.

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Next Step...

Call us.  Whether starting from scratch or converting your existing pool to a swim pond, we would be pleased to talk about designs with you and give you a no-obligation quote. Turn your back yard into a very low maintenance paradise!
We also specialize in interlocking stone installation works for driveways, decks and patios in Toronto, GTA, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Brampton, Oshawa, Oakville, Mississauga, Ajax, Orangeville, Newmarket, Barrie and surrounding area.